Sustainability Policy

At Balloonista, we love the wonderful world that we are lucky enough to live in and are really committed to keeping our impact on it to a bare minimum. Here is an overview of our approach to sustainability, sustainable projects and future plans.

Biodegradable Latex Balloons

Spring Wedding Balloon Arch
Air filled balloons – no helium

We use high quality latex balloons, made from the sap of trees, quite widely at the Pará rubber tree (Hevea rasiliensis). These trees can produce sap for over 30 years and the latex used in our products is harvested much like maple syrup is from the Maple tree.  As a guide, it will take approximately six month (the same length of time as an oak leaf) for our balloons to biodegrade.  This may increase slightly due to environmental factors but it certainly won’t be in landfill for long. Latex balloons are also photodegradable – this is the process of oxidisation when in the sun; when the balloon begins to look “foggy” or “dusty”, the process is beginning.

Air filled balloons

We largely only use air to fill our balloons.  However, if helium is required we use Grade 4 helium also called “Balloon Gas”. Only the Grade 6, which is the purest form, is used in science and medicine therefore the helium used by the party industry does not affect the future of the science and medicine.

Anti-Balloon Release

We NEVER facilitate balloon releases and work hard to ensure our balloons are tied down securely.  In addition, if balloons are used for your event, we give advice on ways to avoid the balloons escaping into the atmosphere

1% For The Planet

We are proud members of 1% for the planet, which means that 1% of all our profits are donated directly to an environmental non-profit organisation to assist them in their crucial work

Reusing and Recycle

Second Life Of A Balloon Movement

We work closely with local charities and donate any of our clients used or no longer needed balloons to them when requested, giving as many balloons as possible a second life, whilst also doubling the number of smiles generated 😊

Reused balloons childrens hospital balloon tree
Re-used party balloons at Princess Royal University Hospital – Children’s Ward
Reusing Props

We source sustainable props for our event installations and pride ourselves in reusing them as much as possible. If in the event that you do request us to use foil balloons or non sustainable props for your display, we can recommend some really great ways of reusing and donating them

Plastic Party Swap Shop

This is our very own Facebook group, extending our sustainable message beyond Balloonista. Plastic Party Swap Shop was set up for anyone wanting to give away, sell or buy used foil balloons and party goods.

balloonista van

Lowering Vehicle Emissions

We have invested in Euro 6 ULEZ complaint vans to keep our emissions minimal.  Particularly when working in central London, we always try to be logistically economical. Additionally we only work with couriers that have committed to sustainable/ carbon neutral goals.

Our Sustainable Future

We assess the environmental impacts of our operations regularly and set objectives and targets in order to improve our environmental performance.  We regularly review these targets and look at ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

A key target is to replace our Euro ULEZ 6 vehicles with electric versions in the next three years.