Make a Statement This Pride with Balloonista's Dazzling Decorations!

Celebrate diversity and inclusion at your Pride event with Balloonista! We’re your one-stop shop for stunning rainbow balloon installations that will create a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere.

Why Choose Balloonista?

  • Eye-Catching Installations: Our design team specializes in crafting bespoke, large-scale balloon displays that are perfect for photo ops and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  • Beyond the Rainbow: Complement your installation with our extensive range of rainbow-themed products, including balloon garlands, bouquets, and personalized balloons.
  • Seamless Experience: We handle everything, from design and creation to installation, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.
  • Authentic Celebration: Our high-quality balloons are carefully selected in a vibrant spectrum of colours to truly reflect the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Ready to take your Pride event to the next level?

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your vision and receive a personalised quote. We’ll help you create a celebration that shines as bright as your commitment to diversity!

Unforgettable Events: Custom Pride Balloons for Your Company

Planning a Pride celebration for your company? Selecting the right balloon supplier is key to creating a dazzling and impactful event. But with so many options, where do you begin? Fear not! We’ve compiled the essential questions to guide you towards the perfect balloon partner for your Pride event.

Unveiling the Perfect Match:

  • Expertise in Pride: Look for a supplier with a proven track record in creating stunning Pride installations. Their portfolio should showcase vibrant past projects and glowing client testimonials. Want a sneak peek? Explore our work [link to portfolio] and see what happy clients are saying.
  • Creative Spark: Go beyond the ordinary! Choose a supplier who brings fresh ideas to the table. Can they tailor designs to match your brand and event theme?
  • Quality that Shines: Vibrant colors and long-lasting balloons are a must. Opt for a supplier that prioritizes high-quality materials for a celebration that shines.
  • Sustainable Celebration: Show your commitment to the environment by choosing biodegradable balloons. This aligns with your company’s values and showcases environmental responsibility.
  • Seamless Service: Top-notch customer service is essential. Your supplier should be responsive, attentive, and dedicated to exceeding your expectations for a stress-free experience.

Ready to Make Your Pride Event a Showstopper?

Contact our team today! We specialise in creating unforgettable Pride experiences with dazzling balloon installations. Let’s discuss your vision and bring your event to life!

A Word of Caution​

While our rainbow balloon installations are designed to withstand normal weather conditions, we advise caution when planning events on extremely hot days. Dark-coloured balloons are more susceptible to bursting in direct sunlight and high temperatures. To ensure the longevity of your installation, we recommend opting for lighter versions of the rainbow colours or discussing alternative solutions with our team. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

In conclusion, Balloonista is your go-to source for creating vibrant, biodegradable, and eco-friendly rainbow balloon installations for Pride celebrations. Our commitment to exceptional care, customer service, and creative solutions sets us apart. Whether you are planning a corporate or private celebration, we invite you to explore our wide portfolio as well as our rainbow-themed products that are available through our online balloon shop. Join us in celebrating Pride with colour, positivity, and unforgettable experiences. Contact Balloonista today to elevate your Pride celebrations to new heights!


Balloonista is based in London and we are happy to travel to your venue – whether that is in the UK or internationally. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and let us create the perfect luxury balloon decor for your special occasion. Email us at or call us at +44 (0)1689 487133

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