Product:Giant Balloon
Size (Approximate):3 feet
Eco Credentials:Biodegradable
Bow Ribbon:Silk
Tail:Curling ribbon

Giant Personalised Balloon (3ft)



Enter personalised balloon text here. For multiple balloon personalisation, add each balloon to the basket separately.

*Enter the quantity of latex balloons to be scented.
Suitable for LATEX BALLOONS ONLY. The price is per scented balloon and it does not purchase balloons. The number of scented balloons should not exceed the maximum number of latex balloons in your order.

Your balloon will arrive with a fairy light string as a tail which will need to be switched on upon arrival.


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Personalised Giant Helium Balloon: Elevate Any Occasion

Discover the versatility of Balloonista’s Personalised Giant Helium Balloon. Perfect for private celebrations like weddings, baby showers, and even corporate events such as product launches or company milestones, this 3 Ft balloon adds grandeur and elegance. Available in various colours, it’s ideal for creating a focal point at any gathering.

Customisation for Every Event

Add a unique touch to your giant balloon with a personalised message. Whether celebrating a romantic wedding, welcoming a new baby, or making a corporate event memorable, your customised message will resonate with guests and create lasting memories.

Ideal for a Range of Celebrations

These balloons are not just for private parties; they’re also perfect for public events and business functions. Think of product launches, brand promotions, milestone celebrations, or even grand openings. They add a touch of sophistication and are a surefire way to impress attendees.

Amplify the Celebration

Enhance the visual appeal of your event by pairing your giant balloon with a cluster of single or multicoloured, standard or chrome balloons. This combination is sure to inject energy and vibrancy into your space, making any event setting more dynamic.

Convenient and Impressive Delivery

Rest assured, your personalised balloon will be delivered inflated with helium and ready to display. It comes complete with a ribbon and weight, making setup a breeze for any event, be it an intimate gathering or a large-scale corporate function.

Join Our Eco-Friendly Celebration Movement

After your event, consider participating in our eco-friendly initiative by recycling your balloons in our PLASTIC PARTY SWAP SHOP, contributing to more sustainable festivities.

Balloonista’s In-House Recycling Program

Not only we are committed to environmental sustainability, but also offer a recycling service. This is offered for both, foil and latex balloons. By sending your used balloons back to us, you will contribute to our innovative program. You will also support our efforts in transforming balloons into valuable materials.

Simple Steps to Join Our Recycling Initiative

To participate, just

  1. Pop your balloons.
  2. Mail them to:
  • Recycle My Balloons
  • Balloonista
  • 1 Kingfisher House,
  • Crayfields
  • Orpington, BR5 3QG

Your Role in Sustainable Celebrations

By joining our recycling program, you actively support sustainable practices, helping to reduce waste and protect our environment for future generations.

Quality and Safety: Our Assurance

Shop with confidence, knowing all our balloons comply with UK and EU Toy Safety Regulations, sourced from reputable suppliers. Celebrate with peace of mind, knowing you’re choosing a safe and high-quality product from Balloonista.


Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Black, White, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Other – I will specify in the comments at check out

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