The Class of 2020!

The lost class of 2020

We almost entitled this “The Lost Children of 2020”!  No one could ever have predicted the unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in this year and one cohort in particular has experienced an especially bumpy ride: students – of all ages.  

The teaching

The parents of younger children would argue that they have suffered more than their children; having to put on their teacher hats, often in addition to working full time.  However, there’s no argument that the children have had to adapt and accept a very different approach to their learning.  Some children coped well, others not so much.  Some have parents that were able to devote all of their time to structured learning, others have parents that simply had to continue to work to put food on the table and just couldn’t afford the hours or resources to give to their children.  Sadly, some children were not cared for in any capacity.  We are pretty sure that the majority of the nation’s adults are in agreement that:

  1. Teachers are absolute saints and invaluable contributors to our children’s lives and our own sanity! 
  2. It’s time for all of our children to go back to school in September, in whatever capacity is viable!

Within the team we have children of varying ages and our hearts go out to the entire range, from the infants who often had to be patient whilst their parents juggled several balls, right up to the teenagers who had been working incredibly hard preparing for exams that they never got to take!  The teens who then had to take on independent learning and be self motivating and disciplined, which if you have humans of a certain age, you’ll know is not always fun!

An array of balloons in shades of blue and pink floating above a reflective pond in a serene garden setting.

The memories they couldn’t make

Not only did A-Level and GCSE students miss out on taking their exams and proving their learned knowledge and hard work, they also missed out on those momentous last days of school and the final exam euphoria that we all remember so well.  They didn’t get to write on one another’s shirts and cry with all of the good friends they have spent several years building relationships with. 

They didn’t get end of year parties, or enrichment activities.  They didn’t get to dunk their teacher’s head in a bucket of water at the end of year summer fete, or even tell their teachers how grateful they were for helping to get them through to the end!  They missed the entire event that contributes to growing up and evolving from being a child into a young adult.  They are the “Lost Children of 2020” in a way.  Lost to a pandemic which has changed our world and the way we exist for what is likely to be a very long time, possibly forever.

Results day

At time of writing, A-level results are due tomorrow and GCSE results next Thursday.  Word on the street is, to say the least, buzzing in all directions!  Will the results be marked down as they were recently in Scotland (leading to uproar and a total U-Turn) or will they be fair, taking into consideration the work that the students had already put in?  We certainly wish we knew!

What we do know is that parents have their kids’ backs and are, shall we say, a little more laid back about what might be in that email (also lost this year is the big envelope opening ceremony) than they would have been ordinarily.  Let’s face it, it’s beyond anyone’s control at this stage!  

Balloonista graduation party

A celebration for all

We have already been taking balloon display orders from parents preparing a celebration for their child, regardless of the results they are awarded, based more on pride and acknowledgement that they have managed to navigate their way through the hardest possible school year in modern history.  We will certainly be celebrating our teens’ achievements, whatever those numbers are; something else that we are still getting to grips with, bring back ABC grades!

So what are you planning for yours?  We are thinking something along the lines of a small garden gathering with a couple of their friends and a few homemade pizzas.  Naturally, balloons will be involved!  As far as the Balloonista offerings go, you have options – who doesn’t love options?!

  • Personalised celebration balloons – these can be in a range of sizes and colour combos and we can print your choice of wording on to them so whatever the message, we’ve got you covered!
  • Plain or personalised clear balloon gifts – a large transparent balloon (which we can print any message / name on to) which we can either fill with some smaller balloons of any colour or a small gift (this would need to be discussed/provided beforehand).
  • Balloon bouquets – exactly what it says on the tin; bouquets of helium filled balloons – the quantity and colour chosen by you.
  • A DIY kit to produce your very own balloon arch/display – these come in various colour combinations (which you can choose bespokely if you don’t find what you are after on our E-shop) and with full access to our tutorial.
  • A fully inflated balloon arch – this is delivered in two boxes, with instructions on how to attach and hang, but with the hard work already done for you!
  • An expert Balloonista erecting a fabulous display for you – our fully bespoke personal service with the colour scheme and arrangement of your choosing.

So let’s celebrate our wonderful, patient and above all surviving children!  What an ordeal they have endured and whatever the results bring, we will be praising them.

Bring on the celebrations!

The Balloonista Team


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