Romantic Proposal Balloons for Your Special Someone

Celebrate Your Love with Balloonista’s Proposal Balloons

Discover the magic of a perfect proposal with Balloonista’s exquisite balloon decor, designed to add a touch of romance and surprise to your special moment. Based in the heart of London, we specialise in crafting personalised balloons that transform any engagement into an unforgettable event. Whether you’re planning an intimate question-popping moment or an elaborate proposal celebration, our range of luxurious balloon bouquets, stunning balloon arches, and the enchanting Balloon Moongate Arch will set the perfect scene.

Find the Perfect Proposal Balloon

Our selection is diverse, catering to all styles and preferences. From grand gestures to subtle surprises, our proposal balloons are ideal for making your engagement memorable. Celebrate your love with our personalised proposal balloons, available throughout the UK. Choose from bespoke balloon gifts to unique balloon-in-a-box surprises, each designed to captivate and express your deepest affection. We offer a wide range of customisable designs, ensuring your decor perfectly aligns with your partner’s tastes and your proposal theme.

Quality and Exceptional Customer Service

Opt for Balloonista for personalised helium balloons that elevate your proposal to new heights. Our commitment to quality and elegance is evident in every creation, whether it’s for a romantic proposal setting or a celebratory engagement party. Experience outstanding client service and join us on a journey of love and unforgettable memories.

Embark on your engagement journey with Balloonista’s 100% electric vans, bringing joy and love to locations across London. Our enthusiastic, creative team is committed to turning your proposal dreams into reality, crafting each balloon with care and precision.

Party Decor

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  • A large heart shape made up of rainbow coloured balloons going from purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red. Beside the heart is a bouquet of balloons in the same colours attached to white ribbons and attached to a weight. A label on the bottom left of the image says 'Rainbow Pride Heart & Rainbow Cluster'
  • bouquet of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple balloons attached to white ribbon and a weight. A label on the bottom left says 'Pride Balloon Cluster'
  • Line of sunny yellow balloons with flowing ribbons on the left, and a large clear balloon showcasing a cheerful smiley face design on the right, set against a deep blue backdrop with greenery accents.
  • A bouquet of rose gold and white balloons with a customisable clear balloon at the top, in an elegant room.
  • A festive balloon display with a personalised 'Merry Christmas Sarah' bubble balloon, accompanied by a cluster of red and gold balloons with curling ribbons.
  • Customisable Christmas balloon with 'Merry Christmas Sarah' message, displayed in a modern room setting with size options noted.
  • A cluster of bright yellow balloons, each adorned with a beaming smiley face, placed against a sleek, dark backdrop, accompanied by lush green potted plants.
  • Large clear 24-inch balloon with a vibrant smiley face design, tied with a chic black ribbon, set against a deep blue background with green plants.
  • A captivating Halloween set featuring a trio of iconic balloons – 'Happy Halloween', pumpkin face, and Jack Skellington – alongside a cascading garland of black, purple, and orange sustainable air-filled balloons.
  • Halloween trio of orbs, white skull orb balloon, orange pumpkin orb and a green 'Happy Halloween' orb, all filled with helium with a purple and black bouquet of 10 balloons, attached to ribbons and a weight.
  • Green foil seahorse balloon in a bouquet with silver and green balloons. Balloons are attached to white ribbons and a weight
  • Large foil seashell balloon going from pink to lilac to turquoise. Balloon is in a bouquet with light pink and turquoise latex balloons attached to white ribbons and weights.
  • Large red crab balloon in a bouquet with surrounding balloons in red and silver. The balloons are attached to white ribbons and weights. The bottom left of the image has a level which says 'Crab balloon cluster'
  • A small dark purple, dark green and white balloon garland with small bright yellow balloons which look like tennis balls dotted throughout. The garland is hung across a white panelled wall
  • Two large balloon clusters. On the left is a giant Mario surrounded by blue and red balloons with two yellow stars with eyes. On the right is a giant Luigi surrounded by silver and green balloons and two yellow star balloons with eyes. All the balloons are attached to white ribbons and one weight per bouquet
  • a clear bubble balloon filled with multicoloured miniature balloons is on the left beside a bouquet of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple balloons. Balloons are attached to white ribbons with a weight at the bottom. A white label on the left hand side of the image says 'Pride cluster & bubble package'
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