Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Balloon Decorations

Tis the season to be frightened! After a two year absence All Hallows Eve celebrations are back and they’re set to be bigger than ever. Gone are the days where Halloween was know for cheap tacky and single use plastic decor, this year we’ve seen the emergence of two key trends; chic and sustainable decor.

Chic Halloween Decor

Although bold and scary designs will continue to be a firm favourite for some. For those who are more glam than gory, leaning into the colours and textures that are associated with autumn and Halloween will give your decor a more tasteful and understated look and feel.

This autumnal balloon tree is a great example of how different materials and textures can really bring your decor to life and this is a great way to add a statement to your celebration without giving your guests nightmares.

For the ultimate sophisticated yet seasonal look, you can’t beat the combination of black latex and chrome gold this year.



Halloween Balloon Decorations

Topping this year’s celebrity halloween decor is Tamera Eccleston with an autumnal floral arch at her London mansion. We love the rich colours and subtle props that give the decor a modern and chic feel.

Sustainable Halloween Decor

As more of our clients become climate conscious, we’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for biodegradable latex balloons that are sourced from sustainable forests.

Another breakout trend is responsibly sourced and bespoke hand-painted backdrops that can be used year after year. 

Top requests include, biodegradable door decor, and photo backdrops such as this giant pumpkin surrounded with biodegradable balloons. 


Halloween Balloon Decorations
Halloween Balloon Decorations

Expert Opinion

“I am always seeking inspiration for balloon art from other areas in the world - from nature to fashion - I was most recently inspired on a recent shopping trip to Selfridge’s when I saw a display featuring a lot of latex, leather and zips. This got me thinking of all the ways that I could get creative with adding textures to my Halloween designs - picture red cloth representing gory guts and spooky spider webs made out of zips.”

Now It's Time to Test Your Spooky Knowledge

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Balloonista’s guide to a DIY balloon zombie

Inflate a large number of green balloons of various sizes and tape them together in the shape of a body. Draw on a face with a permanent marker and splatter it with as much red paint as you want to make it as gory as you wish. Don’t forget to dress your zombie up in a white sheet (if your ghost’s wardrobe can spare one!) and get creative with different materials to create some hair.

TIP: Hang your zombie in a tree, or incorporate it as part of a Halloween balloon tunnel to give your friends and family the ultimate scare. For something even easier, try wrapping your balloons in black bags or cloths to create the look of a dead body. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your gruesome designs @balloonistaco


Whether you are looking to go all out and immerse your friends or colleagues in Halloween town or after something more understated and glamorous, our Balloonista team are here to talk ideas so get in touch today by emailing us at info@balloonista.co.uk or giving us a call on 01689 487133

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