Father’s Day Balloon Ideas: Planning the Perfect Father’s Day

Father's Day - 21st June

Don’t forget the daddies this year! It can be quite a challenge to keep on track with everything when you are not having to open your diary every day.  

Whilst we usually run like well-oiled machines, since the Coronavirus lockdown began, many have changed the way they live their day-to-day lives immensely. For some, it has been a good opportunity to slow down and appreciate their family more; spending time going back to basics and creating simple, family fun with their children.

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A Different Type of Father's Day

For others, it has been business as usual, going out to work, but with the additional challenges of taking measures to keep safe in the workplace and ensuring their children are cared for.

Either way, for many, visiting older parents has been completely out of the question, aside from perhaps a delivery drop of groceries to the doorstep, or a virtual video call, often being greeted with the sight of an ear! 

As the country slowly gets permission to start to return to daily activities and interaction with others, we are all a bit tentative about what is the right thing to do and when. Nobody really knows the answers, and quite often the restrictions are conflicting and confusing. However, it is more important than ever to mark occasions such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, to show our appreciation and love for our parents and indeed for our children to learn to do the same!

Father's Day Plans

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We appreciate that Father’s Day can be a reason to celebrate and show gratitude for some, but can also be a very sad time for others. You need to do whatever helps you to get through times like these.

So, what are you planning to do for Father’s Day? Now that we are officially allowed to host a few guests in our gardens, we just need to pray for good weather, arrange the seating (appropriately spaced) and plan our hygiene routine! Something that still sounds so alien and unnatural when thinking about hosting the parents that raised us and taught us how to wash our hands!

Brighten Up Your Home and Garden

Balloonista Garden Decor

For those who know that we are fairly new to the retail element of this business, usually offering a fully bespoke service and not actually selling balloons (we supply a full service), you will have seen that we recently branched out to selling DIY Father’s Day balloon kits. We will continue to offer these kits and as suppliers start to reopen, we can be even more versatile with our colour offerings. However, we are now also offering fully assembled displays that can be delivered to your door.  We can deliver bunches of Father’s Day balloons nationally and bigger, more elaborate displays to London and the South East.

Introducing Father's Day Balloon Gifts

Stuffed Balloon Personalised Gift Brownies Mug

We are launching, just in time for Father’s Day, our new Display Balloons. These are a nifty and novel way to display whatever gift you have bought for that special person. The balloon encompasses the gift; displaying it beautifully! These can be personalized, so please get in touch with enough time for us to arrange this for you!

All buying options can be found on our online shop here.

If you would like to discuss how you can brighten up your garden or lounge for that special person on June 21st, give us a call. We’d love to be able to share not only our expert balloon skills but our creative ideas too!  For inspiration, head to our Instagram @balloonistaco.

Perhaps it’s guidance on a fun-filled day with little ones that you really need?  We have produced a downloadable guide to kids’ parties available for subscription here – which you could easily adapt for a Father’s Day virtual gathering.

2020 - An Unusual Year

Ultimately this year will see us celebrating most things a little differently to how we would ordinarily and we want to make the most of it: 2020 – the year unlike no other!

Let those fathers know how much they mean to you and keep them and yourselves safe.

We will come through this stronger and more grateful.

Best wishes,

Aurelija, Chief Balloonista


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