Inflated Kissy Lips and Heart Balloons Package

Kissey Lip balloon with your choice of 18 inch red heart balloons to accompany it, for maximum wow factor!  This is a helium inflated product.

Product: Kissey Lips + Hearts
Size (Approximate): 30 inch and 18 inch
Colour: Red (multicoloured)
Material: Microfoil
Eco Credentials: Recyclable
Quantity: 1+
Weight: Included
Inflated: Helium
Bow Ribbon: Silk
Tail: Curling ribbon


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Do you want to give a special someone an amazing present? You should check out the Giant Kissy Lips Balloon Bouquet from Balloonista! It comes with a big Kissy Lips balloon and 18 inch red heart balloons to go with it, all blown up with helium. It’ll make a real impression!

When you order, Balloonista will bring your balloons right to your doorstep or to your party place if you like (as long as it’s in the mainland UK). Or, if you want to surprise someone, Balloonista can deliver the balloons to them with a card that has your special message. And don’t worry, the balloons on their website follow UK and EU safety rules.

Have you ever thought of getting number or letter balloons? They’re really fun and can make for cool photos to look back on. Plus, they can be personalized just for you!

When you’re done with your balloons, try to recycle them or give them away so they can be used again. Balloonista has a PLASTIC PARTY SWAP SHOP where you can do just that.

If you can’t find exactly what you want on the Balloonista website, you can email them at and they’ll help you find what you’re looking for.


3 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips, 5 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips, 7 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips, 10 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips, 15 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips, 20 x red 18" foil hearts & Kissey Lips


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