Product:Personalised BalloonCeiling Balloons
Size (Approximate):20″/24″11″
Colour:Clear/Red, White and BlueRed, White and Blue
Material:Stretchy PlasticLatex
Eco Credentials:Stretchy Plastic – recycable at major supermarketsLatex – Biodegradable
Bow Ribbon:SilkSilk
Tail:Curling ribbon, Tassel TailCurling ribbon, Tassel Tail

Inflated Coronation Bubble and Ceiling Balloon Package – Coronation Party Decorations



Enter personalised balloon text here. For multiple balloon personalisation, add each balloon to the basket separately.

Add a handwritten card for that personalised touch. From £0.99 to £5.99

None Balloon Bouquet Blank Card +£1.49 Love you to the moon and back - LARGE +£5.99 Champagne Bottle - CONGRATULATIONS +£2.49 Champagne Glasses - CONGRATULATIONS +£2.49 Ladies Sunglasses | Jeans - BIRTHDAY +£3.99 Holiday Scene - BIRTHDAY +£3.99 Pizza - BIRTHDAY +£3.99 Camping Site - BIRTHDAY +£3.99 Sparkling Parrot - BIRTHDAY +£3.99 Just Married - WEDDING +£3.99 Wedding Cake - WEDDING +£3.99 Condolences - SYMPATHY +£3.99

**SELECT THE CARD FIRST ** Type your message for us to hand write. NB – the card will be written exactly as entered below.

Please note these balloons will not float. We will choose colours to match your main order.
Price per balloon

Please note these balloons will not float. We will choose colours to match your main order.
Price per balloon


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It’s nearly time to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation, and no party would be complete without coronation party decorations!

This stunning package has everything you need to make your party space look ready for Royalty, with a personalised balloon, filled with mini red, white and royal blue balloons. Select the option to add fabulous ceiling balloons, available in red, white and royal blue! Choose how many ceiling balloons you require for your space at checkout.

Bubble balloons are available in 20” or 24”, with the ceiling balloons measuring at 11”.

This is a helium-inflated product.

Why not add our fantastic Balloon Bouquet, to accompany your coronation and ceiling balloon package?


  • Your chosen balloon will arrive inflated with helium and tied with matching ribbons and weights. Ceiling balloons will be without weights.
  • We will deliver your balloons directly to your doorstep or chosen party venue (all mainland UK addresses).

Reuse and recycle

To make your purchases a little more environmentally friendly, please consider passing on / selling and recycling your balloons in our PLASTIC PARTY SWAP SHOP once you are finished with them.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our balloon delivery shop, please contact us at so that we may assist you further.

Balloonista in-house Recycling

At Balloonista we also offer recycling of foil and latex balloons. This way we demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability through our Sustainability Policy. As part of this initiative, we introduce you to not only an exceptional recycling solution for foil balloons, but also latex balloons.
Our balloon recycling team invites you to consider simply sending your balloons back to us. This way you can not only contribute to this groundbreaking program but also help save the balloon industry from single use product ban. We will transform your previously loved balloons into valuable raw materials, art pieces, keepsakes or something else as equally amazing.

To participate in this fantastic program, all you need to do is pop your balloons and mail them back to us at the following address:

Recycle My Balloons
1 Kingfisher House,
Orpington, BR5 3QG

By taking this small step, you play an active role in promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste. Together, we will make a significant difference in protecting our environment for future generations.


The Balloons listed on our website are sourced from reputable suppliers therefore comply with UK and EU Toy Safety Regulations.


5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50


20 inch, 24 inch

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