An Environmentally Conscious Balloon Business

Here at Balloonisa, aside from our blossoming online offerings, we create and style biodegradable latex balloon installations for a variety of industries, from corporates and large hotel groups to private individuals, weddings and events.

We are passionate about providing an immaculate customer service experience, paired with educating on a more environmentally conscious approach to balloon décor.

A Personalised, Bespoke Service

We truly pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and what they strive to achieve with our balloon décor.  We are happy to arrange a site visit and consultation to discuss exacting requirements with regards to colour scheme, floral inclusion, budget and style.  Every client is provided with a direct mobile number to the Balloonista that is dealing with their booking, and we encourage our clients to communicate as much detail as possible so that we know exactly what they want! We can supply samples to assist in the decision process and we can liaise directly with other providers should there be a need to collaborate in any aspects of the design.  For corporates, we offer additional correspondence and documentation to comply with individual requirements.

The team working on the installation will create each display organically and it will be completely unique to each and every client.  We will also work cohesively with the schedule, so if we need to be on site at 6am to set up, that is exactly where you’ll find us.  And then if the venue requires the décor to be removed at the end of the night, we can arrange that too!

At Balloonista, we don’t simply sell balloons, we evoke emotions, create lasting memories, and spread that #balloonistafeeling.

A Conscious Supplier

There are numerous elements to consider when choosing your balloon décor suppliers, and we think that environmental sustainability is a crucial one. 

Balloonista is determined to change the image of balloons, for good!  It is a myth that all balloons are made from plastic, and we are striving to educate on our product and our policies to combat the skewed depiction of our industry.

green moongate

Fact Time!

At Balloonista, we aim to use 100% biodegradable latex for our air-filled installations and educate our clients to encourage this direction.

  • The suppliers of our latex balloons source their latex from sustainable forests.  A single rubber tree fruits approximately 30 years’ worth of latex.
  • Latex balloons will decompose in around 6 months, which is the same rate as a single oak leaf.
  • Did you know you can put latex balloons in your compost heap?
  • The helium used in balloon décor is a different grade to that used in medicine and science; it has impurities making it unsuitable for these purposes.  So, rest assured that the balloon industry has zero impact on the demand for helium in these sectors.
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Why Choose Balloonista?

Well, we think we are a great team of professionals and that you’ll find working with us an enjoyable experience, but to back up our claims, here is what we consider sets us apart from other suppliers:

No Single Use Plastics – we avoid using disposable plastic props or frames for our installations.  We have metal framework that will be hired to you (included in your quote) and collected once you are finished and then taken on to the next assignment.

Anti-Balloon Release – we never facilitate balloon releases, biodegradable or not, the environmental impact can be devastating.  There are so many safe options to create a memorable moment with balloons; which we are keen to enlighten our clients with!

1% For The Planet – we are proud members of 1% for the planet, which means that 1% of all our profits are donated directly to an environmental non-profit organisation to assist them in their crucial work.

2nd Life Of A Balloon Movement – this is our baby and we are eager to shout about it!  We work closely with local charities and donate any of our clients used or no longer needed balloons to them when requested, giving as many balloons as possible a second life, whilst also doubling the number of smiles generated 😊

Plastic Party Swap Shop – This is our very own Facebook group, which was set up for anyone wanting to give away, sell, or indeed buy used foil balloons and party goods.

Our Next Goal – Is to replace our vehicles with electric versions. 



So, if you are on the lookout for spectacular balloon décor, created by true professionals, who have a keen eye for style and detail, but remain conscious about their carbon footprint, we are most definitely your team!

  •  #teamballoonista is a small group of professional, personable women, who simply adore what they do, and love the industry they work in.  Thank you for reading!
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