6 WAYS To Make Your Party Eco Friendly

The environment is something we discuss at least once a week on both @createdbyaurelija and @balloonistaco accounts over on Instagram as it’s something so close to our hearts.

We keep hearing that there is not long left until the damage we have done to our planet is irreversible so it’s important we look at ways we can make changes in our day-to-day as well as our work lives; because even the smallest adjustments can help make the biggest difference.

With this in mind we thought we would put together a quick guide about a few ways we can all help make our events more eco friendly. After all, in real life, saving the world is not really the superman’s job. We should all be a little bit more of a superhuman when we go about in our day to day and that does not exclude event planning with beautiful giant balloons and modern organic balloon garlands

1. Use biodegradable latex balloons. If using helium make sure the celebratory balloons are securely attached to balloon weights, chairs or other heavier items and equipment.

Save The World One Balloon At The Time 6 Ways To Make Your Party Eco Friendly 001.png

2. When your event is finished make sure you do not let go of your balloons into the environment. A floating balloon (event the biodegradable latex one!!!) in the sky is no longer a spectacle to be enjoyed – it becomes a piece of rubbish as soon as it is floating freely away.

3. A fun way of making your event more eco friendly is to use e-invites. This reduces paper wastage and also reduces carbon emissions as they won’t need to be posted. Head ove to www.canva.com to create a beautiful invitation (there are thousands of templates for other things like Instagram posts and stories, Facebook etc!) and then send them via a message or email. your guests will love it – they will be able to keep you invite with them therefore easily search and find it if required.

4. Another way of reducing disposables is to use glassware, chinaware and cloth napkins. Yes there is a risk of breakages (with tableware) but rather that than more damage to our planet. Another example would be to hand out glasses of water rather than plastic bottles.

5. REUSE and RECYCLE! There will be so many things that can be recycled or reused after an event you will be pleasantly surprised. After weddings why not give guests the flowers used to decorate as a parting gift, any decorations used for table centres can also be handed out as gifts or donated. Foil balloons can be used more than once – head over to our Facebook group to find out how.

6. Finally, have a think about transport to your event. Organise a car sharing scheme or put on some group transportation. With weddings especially there are so many fun ways for guests to be taken between venues as large groups that it will all be part of the days charm. It will also mean the those guests will be able to have more than a unit of wine and reduce the risk of drink-driving.

We hope that’s been helpful and has given you a little food for thought. We’d love to hear about how you are making your event more eco friendly and if you have any extra hints or tips please let us know. You can contact us via the contact form, email or phone call.

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