5 top reasons to hire a stylist for your event

Party season is upon us! With festivities ramping up between now and New Year, it’s that time of year for office parties, work functions, Christmas shin-digs and exciting social soirées! Also, did you know that about 40 percent of engagements occur between November and Valentine’s Day, so it’s not just Christmas and New Year which are a cause for celebrations!

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Obviously, with party planning comes décor, and we are here today to share our top five reasons you should be considering hiring a balloon stylist for your event (hint: it’s not just to make it look fabulous!). Read on to find out more…

1. Budget and money savings. You may think that using a balloon stylist is an extra expense, but if you factor their cost into your budget, they can actually save money! Your balloon stylist will know where to get the best deals, how to stretch your budget and make your money go even further! They may be able to get supplier discounts, and by using their expertise, they can be economical with your funds.

2. Time. One of the best, and most obvious benefits is that you can RELAX! Party planning is stressful business, so grab a brew and a pinterest board, and let your balloon stylist do the rest.

3. Trouble shooting. Another stress-free perk is that my hiring a balloon stylist, you get to pass on the stress of troubleshooting! If something goes a bit pear-shaped (like the wrong colour balloons being delivered for example) – let your balloon stylist manage the fix and save you the hassle!

4. Bringing your dream to life. Your balloon party stylist will take all of your ideas and create a beautiful setting that truly reflects your unique style, personality and vision for your event. They will translate your ideas and dreams into an event to remember!

5. The best of the best. Your balloon stylist will be an experienced professional, and with that comes their little black book of contacts that you can utilise to make your event even better!

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So what do you say? Let’s chat about your next event and how we can help it go off without a hitch!
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