3 Ways to Make Your Event as Eco-Friendly as Possible

It’s the festive season, and of course that means parties! However, in a world where single use plastic is becoming a serious problem, we are here today to inspire you with some eco friendly party decorations and options to make sure your event is contributing as little as possible to that carbon footprint!

Shifting these festive celebrations to ones that are also waste-free can be both simple and inexpensive, with just a few small changes:

1. Virtual Invites

The first step is to keep invitations virtual. Creating a Facebook event or sending a simple email is perfect for inviting guests to your party without generating waste from paper invitations, and if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, check out party websites such as RSVP websites, and e-vites like Paperless Post. Virtual invites also allow you to track RSVPs, communicate with guests, and provide clickable info about your event.

2. Ditch the Disposables

There are plenty of alternatives to polystyrene and plastic cutlery and plates! In the UK we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day – that’s 2.5 billion every year. Campaign group Plastic Oceans Foundation says humans are now producing 150 million tons of single-use plastic every year, more than 8 million of which are dumped into the sea, so grab some affordable mismatched sets from your local charity shop, or if they absolutely HAVE to be disposable, investigate compostable versions.

3. Decomposable Decor

From confetti to paper party bags, decor is easily switched to eco-friendly party decorations that decompose. Where balloons are concerned, we recommend 100% natural and 100% biodegradable latex balloons (just like ours!) that are disposed of responsibly. Remember, never ever release helium balloons into the sky (try a natural raffia streamer display or blowing bubbles instead).

Alternatively, why not check out our Facebook group for recycling balloons?

There is no reason why your event this year can’t go down with a POP, whilst working to reduce our waste!

Want to chat about how our 100% latex balloons can work with your eco-friendly event? Just get in touch: info@balloonista.co.uk

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