2021 Wedding Trends

Hope, Education, and Realisation

Following what can only be described as a largely aborted year for weddings, 2021 brings not only hope but also a quite different vision for couples planning to tie the knot. 

The Feeling of Grief

2020 brought almost a series of reactions in a way one might mourn following a loss:

  • At first, we were angry.  Angry that our time and in many cases, money had been spent on a day that was cancelled beyond our control.
  • Then we felt frustrated.  Why can’t we have our day if we tone it down a bit, reduce the numbers, tune the old folk in virtually?  This was the limbo-land that almost stung as much as the initial shock of the cancellation.
  • Then an almost surreal calmness took over and we gained perspective on our situation.   The world was in a vulnerable state; our wedding could wait.
  • The braver amongst us then committed to a brand-new date in the prosperous, shiny new year that was going to be ohhh so different from this one!
  • Now fear starts to creep in, like a smog through a crack in the door.  Fear that this will never end or worse still: that we may soon have a change of heart on marrying this person we have been locked in a house with for more months than we care to count!

Whilst it may be almost cathartic to look back on our ludicrously optimistic selves in a year that changed our lives forever, it is also somewhat educating.  And it’s this education that is influencing our ideas and plans for the most hungered for wedding season in modern history.

So, what is it that couples want?

Considered Planning

One of the real gems that we have whipped out from under 2020’s feet and the lockdown era, is more conscious buying.  No longer did we whizz to Tesco for everything we needed.  Nope, we sought local farms, smaller suppliers and those bringing new and inspired ideas to our online fingertips, offering us new ways to cook, dine, dress, celebrate, keep fit and just generally have fun!  This new way of thinking has wormed its way into wedding planning and bijou and unique are the new big and bold.  

ben rosett w4bp40rjz9m unsplash

VIP Guest Lists

This may not be what you are initially thinking – we are not suggesting you chance your arm at getting Beyoncé and Jay-Z into your front row!  No, this is all about the important people in your life (not that Queen B isn’t!).  If lockdown teaches you anything, it is who matters the most and who genuinely cares.  Whilst we may once have longed for a 200 strong guest list, we are now looking to create an exceptionally personal occasion to celebrate with those who really have been in our lives through thick and thin and whom we have come to realise, are the significant ones.  Not to mention that stubborn sticky tape, holding the large gatherings commencement button firmly in place for the foreseeable!

Bringing the indoors out!

Well, that looks like it’s the wrong way around doesn’t it?  We always want to bring the outdoors in, using copious amounts of floristry and foliage; even adding themes with holiday references and props to our set up.  But not anymore.  The lifestyle we relished in those brief weeks of freedom when Covid took its eye off the ball, taught us that sitting outside was worth it if we got to spend time with our friends!  That necessity became an ideal and we used every heating method known to man if it meant we could socialise just a little bit more.  This ideology has translated into the 2021 wedding scene with a flurry of interest in outdoor venues and boutique tented set ups.  Think picturesque countryside backdrops, side-less marquees, and lots and lots of table and ceiling décor; from twinkling fairy lights, fern-filled balloon bubbles and hanging baskets to rival your Aunty Mary’s back garden!  It is all about the air flowing through and capturing Mother Nature’s finest moments as your guests dance their way into the starlit evening.  It’s safe to say that we appreciate much more what we have access to and not necessarily the man-made riches in life.

balloonista green balloon hoop midsummers night themed balloon display

Season-led colour

Again, inspired by our newly found friend – the great outdoors, we are seeing so much green in this year’s wedding plans!  Spring will doubtlessly take advantage of the vibrancy of colour it offers, with saffron yellows and plush peaches uttering the loudest, gradually passing the mic to their burnt orange sisters and brothers later in the season, but with a constant flow of verdant greens and foliage frequently taking centre stage.  We are prioritising our environment too, with biodegradability scrawled at the very top of our list.  We will see this impacting a lot on the gifts we choose to hand to our guests, with hand-made edible treats, wrapped in paper and even the odd fabric face covering to remember the day!  It is fortunate then that this being the Balloonista Blog, we can happily brag about our biodegradable balloon décor – another huge trend to look out for!

Balloonista Interlude

A brief myth-busting burst from us: Our high quality, naturally derived latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and are simply air filled for our installations and helium filled for floating designs.  The helium we use is Grade 4, otherwise known as “balloon gas”.  We steer clear of Grade 6 which is more importantly used in science and medicine.  If clients do require the use of our non-biodegradable products, such as Microfoil balloons, we run Plastic Party Swap Shop over on Facebook, as well as donating used products to local charities to prolong their use.

victoria priessnitz hl1pvyzzy0m unsplash


Our Finest Attire

When it comes to wedding fashion, there are always tweaks and gradual moves between each big trend.  Wedding day trousers went from bulgingly boot-cut to calf-stranglingly skinny and now are a relaxed version of the latter.   Whereas wedding gowns are dictated so widely by personal style and culture and yet still snippets of the latest fashion weaves through year on year.  Largely favoured by young brides are the deliciously delicate figure draped styles we have grown to love over the past decade and fewer “meringues” are on display.  More specifically, more thought is being put into sleeves, backs, trains, and colour.  We are seeing toned down greys, muted dusky blushes and generally more adventurous shades than the traditional white or ivory.  Modern lace is huge, and this lends well to home-grown British designers, which we are also favouring over the international big names. And bows.  Did we mention bows?  The bigger the better is word on the (aisle) street!

Food Fun

Well, let’s think about this.  Most weddings have a ceremony, followed by the wedding “breakfast”, followed by speeches, dancing and then the good old evening buffet!   Communal food sharing has lost its shine of late, right?  Right.  So how will this affect your wedding sustenance?  For the sit down, we are seeing personal versions of the very current “grazing platter”, so expect to see a very artistic micro version of these on your plate.  We may also find our newlyweds choosing more seasonal, local produce and working closely with small caterers rather than just opting for their favourite steak and dauphinoise.   Since we will spend more time outdoors, we may be welcoming the funky food truck in place of the beige buffet.  You may be treated to fun individual portions of the favourite alcohol soakers, such as pulled pork (or jackfruit) butties, fish and chips or bacon sandwiches.  Anything to avoid others’ fingers touching your sausage!  Ahem.

east meets dress jm4sonjh0au unsplash


The final ingredient

What is hands down the final word of the day?  Patience.  We have all had to learn this in droves and it certainly won’t do any harm.  When we dream of our perfect wedding day, we are now dreaming of the right ingredients – The soul mate, the important guests, the responsible suppliers, and a day that represents our personality rather than our bank balance.

So team, hang on in there, let the good times come when they are good and readily risk free and let’s appreciate how lucky we are to have survived this positively preposterous pickle we currently find ourselves in!

Balloonista offers free re-schedules (with 7 days’ notice) for couples wishing to make a booking up until the end of June 2021, please contact us for further details on this.  You’ll find lots of wedding décor inspo over on our socials.

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